Mr. Peter Graner has designed and built a revolutionary Triple boosting hybrid BIFACIAL PV and TRANSPARENT thermal solar panel. This hybrid BIFACIAL panel can produce 1,280Wp of thermal energy and 550Wp of electric power.

   1.  This new bifacial PV Dual-Glass Thermal panel features an incredibly high level of electrical energy and hot water generation efficiency due        to its uniquely designed and integrated TRANSPARENT "KIT".
2. Being a Triple boosting hybrid Bifacial Dual-Glass PVT system, this panel is able to produce both electricity and hot water on the same physical platform for its end users, meaning that this system is incredibly more economical than competitors within either the PV or solar thermal hot water market space.
3.Can be used as alternative for conventional roof tiles to enhance thermal insulation and thermal barrier effect which in turn reduces need for cooling and air conditioning.
This new system has a secure IP and has  recently obtained  a patent;
255843 PCT/IL2019/050627
Market Opportunity
The market growth is expected to continue and increase, providing the perfect environment for new and high efficiency hybrid Bifacial PVT panels such as this .
Due to the revolutionary new design features of the hybrid Bifacial PVT transparent "KIT" system, the BPVTPT panel is able to produce more electricity & hot water than any other PVT system currently available, and is also priced to not just compete with other hybrid systems, but is even less expensive than a traditional solar thermal panel.